So BIP78 has been merged (no, don't ask me what that means!) and even has a test vector:

It's interesting how much debate there was about tiny subtleties of fee choice and restriction, and what each side checks - even the most trivial 2 party protocol can be hugely complex with interactivity.

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Optech 102 ( talks a bit about WabiSabi.
I did spend some time analysing this crypto construction (at the prompting of @nothingmuch and others) but I mostly ended up getting lost in years-old crypto papers (and even finding an error in a 2013 paper security proof) and never really fully analysed the actual idea before getting sidetracked with a million other things ...
Anyway it's a very cool if rather sophisticated idea! Give it a read.

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A 0.6.3 release for Joinmarket is imminent, which will be the *last release supporting Python 3.5*.

(next will be py3.6 and above, only, and will be a big change including psbt and other stuff)

Please run the current commit, if you have a chance, to sanity check if there are any final bugs to fix:

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@fiatjaf Following up on this after two weeks of use: Fraidycat is great! This is the way I want to follow everyone and everything going forward. One feature I've come to especially appreciate is being able to partition certain people into the Occasional or Sometimes categories---e.g. people who I generally like and want to keep track of but whose political opinions or other content annoys me if I have to see it too often.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

Optech's news section is particularly excellent this week, kind of required reading (topics are LN eclipse attacks and the segwit double signing attack on hardware wallets - warning there is a *lot* of nuance in this topic, but they break it down better than I've seen anywhere else):


RT @NicolasDorier
I would be heart broken if other hardware wallet fix this like Trezor did. I spent lots of time coding hardware wallet support on BTCPay Server (and the BTCPay Server Vault).

We will have to stop supporting hardware wallets completely depending on how vendors behave. :(

Bitcoin Optech #100 has come out. Certainly a cause for celebration and thanks to @harding @jon et al 🎉



ICYMI: Crypto Exchanges have become an enemy of #Bitcoin. (TBH, I missed it until a few weeks ago).

I wrote what I hope is an intuitive explanation of how keyed-verification anonymous credentials can be used to build CoinJoin transactions, sharing here for feedback before publishing it more widely

Might as well toot out some of my recent episodes - check out this one on Bitcoin coin selection with Murch

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