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Looked at Twitter seriously for the first time in over a month and was quickly reminded how all that site seems to do any more is make me mad. So I decided on a late New Year's resolution.

YouTube deletes an Italian channel with 14 years of history, half a million subscribers and two thousand videos.

In less than 24h it receives from its followers more than €150,000 needed to buy a national TV channel to broadcast throughout Italy.

#Byoblu's #DavveroTV will be the first case in the history of a YouTube channel that has become a TV channel completely crowdfunded:

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #142 is here:

- describes a paper and a short discussion about probabilistic path selection for LN
- links to an updated article about payment batching
- lists popular questions and answers from the Bitcoin StackExchange
- encourages upgrading to BTCPay Server

@bitcoinmagazine congratulations to all the brilliant devs building great open source bitcoin software ! And a big thanks to Brink and Kraken for supporting @afilini and the mission of the BDK project.

.@bitcoinbrink Awards Three Bitcoin Development Grants.

Awarded to @jesseposner’s work on adaptor signatures and the FROST threshold signature scheme, @afilini’s work on the Bitcoin Developer Kit & @hhebasto’s work on Bitcoin Core development and review.

.@bitcoinoptech #142: Lightning Network Path Selection And Bitcoin StackExchange.

This week’s newsletter provides a short discussion about probabilistic path selection for LN, notable changes to Bitcoin infrastructure software and more.

The word "suns" is the same upside down
-PlumsNThings, Jul 2016

@bitcoinoptech highly recommend the section about quantum computing by @harding

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #141 is here:

- describes a technique for signature delegation under Bitcoin’s existing consensus rules
- summarizes a discussion about taproot’s effect on Bitcoin’s resistance to quantum cryptography
- announces a series of weekly meetings to help activate taproot
- notes recent changes to ecosystem services and client software

this is great! been receiving incessant questions about this from family and friends, spent well over an hour replying to questions on this just today already

the FUD by the media that we're requested to respond to is really costly to deal with tbh

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #140 is here:

- describes a discussion about rescuing lost LN funding transactions
- includes summaries of HWI 2.0.0, Rust-Lightning 0.0.13, and BTCPay Server releases
- lists recent notable ecosystem PR merges

"Dog food could say it's any flavor it wants, you're not going to test it."
-M153RY on /r/ShowerThoughts, June 2016

I'm pretty sure this is also how it works for altcoins that claim to have various advanced features.

RT @rsmarples
Sadly my treatment has failed and my life expentancy is much shorter :(

dhcpcd will soon need a new maintainer

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #139 is here:

- summarizes continued discussion about proposed methods for activating taproot
- links to an effort to document existing software building on top of taproot
- summarizes the "Erlay: bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol" Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting

Just released 0.8.2 of Joinmarket. This is to be considered an urgent privacy bugfix for takers; see the release notes for details:

I'll write more about this bug and what happened, shortly.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

If you have an opinion on ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK/NACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal

#bitcoin #taproot

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