Extended my .org domain name to the maximum before the new TLD owners jack up prices. Now hoping someone will fix DNS before I next have to renew.

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@harding what do you think of gnunet/gns? looks like they're making efforts to standardize gns, but probably not going to have much impact for a long while

@nothingmuch I've heard of it, but I don't know anything about it. I certainly wish them the best of luck and would be happy to give it a try if it becomes something I can apt-get install.

@harding you can as of debian 9 ("gnunet{,-gtk}"), although i haven't tried that version yet (and honestly i haven't played with it recently, last time was about 2 years ago i think?)

i don't think you'll find that it addresses the problem you posted about, since it's a separate system with fundamental design differences, conceptually goes further than say handshake or namecoin (although it can still delegate to DNS)

for me the clearest entry point was this paper:

@nothingmuch Ah, the gnunet package includes GNS. I didn't notice that.

Just read the paper, seems reasonable. You're right that it doesn't solve the ultimate problem, but I think I could probably live with something like the .zkey TLD described in the paper plus my personal aliases to it, which my friends could also use (also as described in the paper). Maybe I'll give it a try.

@harding i'd argue the technical problem is actually addressed/avoided by this design, since it acknowledges in the architecture that naming is more of a relative concept better modeled as a graph than a rooted tree. seems like the emergent extortion racket aspects are more or less inherent to DNS's hierarchical architecture.

of course not the political problem of getting people to see it this way, which i don't know how to address (making things worse?)

not sure which is the ultimate one...

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