- Librem 5: $700
- Librem 5 USA: $2,000

It's interesting to see how huge the price difference is to produce something in the U.S. versus more affordable manufacturing countries. I think it's cool that Purism is offering that option, though $2k is way too much for me.

@harding The question that springs to mind is whether the $2K version will have acceptable build quality. Particularly for these kind of products, it's hard to overestimate the importance of supply chain concentration in Guangdong and a couple of other places in Asia.
(Disclaimer i could be completely wrong on this :) ).

@waxwing yeah. Anyone interested in the 2k version should definitely wait for the early reviews before buying. I have a soft rule for myself not to buy pre order products, which is why I haven't ordered either the Librem 5 or the Pine Phone, though I'm definitely interested in a more free and flexible mobile OS than Android.

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