If you use Twitter to get informed about news, new releases of software, new podcast episodes and so on, you can get around that by using an RSS reader. If you hate RSS, try fraidyc.at/. It is completely new thing that allows you to follow an enormous number of people without getting overwhelmed or feeling like you must read all posts from all sources.

It even works with Twitter accounts directly.

@fiatjaf Gave it a try (the desktop version) and it seems pretty cool. Thanks for recommending ti!


@fiatjaf Following up on this after two weeks of use: Fraidycat is great! This is the way I want to follow everyone and everything going forward. One feature I've come to especially appreciate is being able to partition certain people into the Occasional or Sometimes categories---e.g. people who I generally like and want to keep track of but whose political opinions or other content annoys me if I have to see it too often.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

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@harding @fiatjaf I installed and added both of you, and it shows most recent from 11 and 28 days ago?

@richard @fiatjaf I see the same. It appears that boosts don't appear in the RSS feed, which is a bit disapointing (for people I follow on Twitter, re-tweets do appear fraidycat).

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