Blackmail scam 

I'm half tempted to reply to this email attempting to scam me by describing the virtues of bech32 addresses.

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@harding is bech32 case insensitive?
You could teach him about address reuse too, and suggest he uses BTCPay 😂

@Sosthene It is case insensitive, that's exactly the reason I was thinking about replying. 😃

I can just see it, the new BTCPay slogan: "BTCPay, recommended by 9/10 privacy-concerned scam blackmailers" 😂

@harding I guessed it, but I never noticed before.
It's surprising how little those blackmailers seems to care about privacy, I don't know maybe it's a good thing if it means that Bitcoin is still not that well monitored by law enforcement. Or more likely law enforcement couldn't care less about this kind of scams

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