just deleted a bunch of my birdsite tweets like wtf was I even doing. Strong desire to delete the account but it’s still nice as a read-only resource.


@jb55 I enabled TOTP 2fa on my account, using `oathtool` to generate the OTPs, then used `gpg` to encrypt the TOTP seed by a short(ish) random password I'll have to brute force if I want to access my Twitter account again. That way I don't need to delete the account but still can't easily use it.

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@harding @jb55 wow -- but (out of curiosity) why keep the account? just as a redirect?

i deleted my real-name twitter account in 2013 but i still keep up with a handful of users via nitter+rss.

since i legitimately hate twitter, i go as far as using a pihole regex to block twitter at home:


@keith @jb55 The most important reason not to delete my account is to prevent some scammer from re-registering the name to use in their fraud.

Beyond that, I set the goal (written into my Twitter profile) of not using it again until at least 2021-12-31. At that point, I'll be able to make a more informed decision about my future relationship with Twitter.

I have a /etc/hosts redirect of for twitter to localhost, and I do most of my reading of it these days also using nitter (also Fraidycat).

@harding @jb55 that's reasonable, i think i did something similar with an old handle before i completely gave up Twitter... I mean, in my case no one was going to pretend to be me to scam, but they might in order to harass others. A little paranoid, but you never know.

@harding @jb55 keeping your account there and the content there makes twitter more attractive to others.

stop donating content to censorship platforms. your profile counts as content.

@harding @jb55 I'd bet you can brute force fairly shortly using GPUs. But the idea of having to code to figure it out is a nice moat.

@jimmysong @jb55 I've used this trick before and so I already have the code. I set it up so that it could only use a single CPU core (i.e. key stretching rather than a truly random password), so I don't think a GPU would help.

I could certainly optimize my code, including learning how to access the sha256 operations on some CPUs, but being a lazy programmer is part of why I focus on writing documentation instead of code. 😉

@harding @jb55 Maybe hashcat with a few GPU's running? Especially if you have an idea what you might have used. If its truly random, then forget it.

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