"Dog food could say it's any flavor it wants, you're not going to test it."
-M153RY on /r/ShowerThoughts, June 2016

I'm pretty sure this is also how it works for altcoins that claim to have various advanced features.

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@harding If you really loved your dog you'd taste test the food.

I'm not quite sure how this analogy applies to altcoins...

@pete if I really loved my nonexistent dog, I'd feed him steak, which I'd be happy to taste test. 😃

@harding @pete
Commercial pet food takes years off a pup's life I hear. Home cooking is best. Better invest in bitcoin though because you will have an asymmetric food bill.

@harding There's a reason satoshi coded first, and wrote the whitepaper second. Realism wins over idealism. He had to prove the idea could function.

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