In response to block #682170, mined by MARA Pool, I'm announcing a project I've been working on. I hope this brings transparency into mining pool transaction selection.

This compares block templates generated by my node to the blocks mined by pools.

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@0xb10c One thing I couldn't find on the pages was the software version you used to generate the templates, since that can also be a source of differences. (E.g., imagine taproot activates; Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 won't mine taproot transactions; 0.21.1 will. Although not related to your primary goal of detecting censorship, comparing different version's templates against blocks may tell you what software miners are running.)

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@0xb10c Oh, goodness, I should've mentioned upfront that the pages look awesome and that it's an incredible tool, thank you for building it!

@harding That's a good point! Will add it to the page.

I'm currently using a bitcoind build from `master` as I need (fees in getblock).

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