A few days ago, I got the second shot of the Moderna vaccine. Starting last night, I've had a headache, body aches, and a 100 degree fever with no other symptoms characteristic of, say, a cold or the flu.

Assuming it doesn't get worse, I guess I'd still have done it for the ability to travel without restrictions again, but this is more than the mild discomfort I expected.


Update: everything seems resolved now. Progression for anyone who cares:

t-80 hours: vaccine

t-1h: moderate intensity, 10 mile bike ride
t+0h: I feel a bit cold and have some minor muscle aches
t+2h: I feel colder, more achy, and oncoming headache; temperature a tiny bit high. I decide to go to bed early
t+6h: temperature 100.8F (mild fever), moderate headache

t+24h: body aches mostly gone; still headache; temp only slightly high

t+36h: slight headache; temp normal

t+48h: symptoms gone

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@harding Coworker came back to work after a few days. He said he had Pfizer vaccine.
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