I searched for "beard trimmer"

Amazon recommended I search for "beard trimmer **for men**".

Were the extra words really necessary? 😜

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@harding My beard trimmer broke last month and I’ve been trimming my beard with scissors since. Not that hard after all.

@verretor Wow, I feel super lazy now. My purpose for searching was to upgrade from a corded trimmer to a cordless trimmer because the thick cord on my current trimmer is a pain to wrangle when I finish up a trim.

Meanwhile you're out there getting it done old school style.

@harding @verretor beard talk is so interesting! it coud be that the mouth-tongue of a snail invented the idea to an epilator. a cord a cordeon that's not AI. Or is it? Heard you two know computer things... could be wrong training exercise series method or the machine was void not empty at beginning. hmm *beard-brümmel

Today I got a letter. Return to sender was missed by one day!

fuck you thought me so much

@harding what shows up for " beard trimmer for women"?

@pete @harding you’re discounting the class of women who shave their face and legs. How dare you. This sounds pretty racist to me. And misogynistic. And a lot like terrorist financing. Oh the horror.

@drgo @pete @harding epilator for beard once is less brutal than a fight on Valium with @dflate :^|

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