I've been running my own SMTP server for 19 years but despite having everything seemingly setup perfectly, Google saying my domain has a high reputation, etc etc, much of my email to gmail users has been going to spam for the past two weeks.

I'm pissed, but I'm also not sure there's anything else I can do to fix this. I'm not sure how I can continue to work without email, and so I guess I'm going to have to start using someone else's centralized SMTP server. 😠

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My dislike for G👀gle should surprise no one, but I suspect this is fully intentional.

Earlier today I read about 'censoring' by G👀gle of (links to the homepage of) Tutanova.

And I've read/heard others who gave up on self-hosting email ... because G👀gle was basically making it impossible to do so.


@FreePietje @harding
> And I've read/heard others who gave up on self-hosting email ... because G👀gle was basically making it impossible to do so.

Are self hosted servers getting caught in spam filters?

I believe it was one of the reasons.
I primarily noticed *that* it happened, but didn't 'take notes' as to *why*. Possibly because it hasn't yet affected me personally as gandi is taking care of my email.


@FreePietje @abloo Yeah, I use Gandi for all my domain registrations, so I'm probably going to switch to sending my email through them. If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll see if my mail server software lets me only route email for gmail/google-biz-services through Gandi and still send everything else directly from my server.

endangered mail self hosting 

@harding Same here (well not for as long ^^), our DKIM and SPF are perfectly setup, but sometimes for no obvious reason, mail ends up in SPAM or is rejected by a server. I had a long, established conversation by mail with a friend, and suddenly one of my replies got rejected by the server (so, known address, a lot of mail already accepted by the user and not signaled as SPAM + of course proof that it used to work, and I didn't change anything in the configuration in between). Luckily there was a complaint form and my friend's mail provider admitted the mistake and cleared us.

Your story, mine, and the stories of many other self-hosted people show that as long as self-hosting is not more widespread and the common people can see it as a useless and dangerous nerd practice when not entirely illegal, the big ones will abuse their power and try and push us towards the exit. We've gotta convince people to use self-hosting, not only for their good but for the option to simply keep existing. As time passes and people remain at big providers', the cost of change increases dramatically.

@harding google is alright for me. My problem is Microsoft Exchange (365 and hotmail/outlook)

@harding Same. Dkim helped somewhat. Big5 send out most of the spam and block anyone else. It's brokena. My only idea is to ask people to move to small companies and servers for mailing because when this trend keeps up mail will be no longer decentralized.

@harding Does the reverse dns to your mail host match your forward?
@harding If you are on a residential IP block google will do this every time, even if it’s chill with your domain, so make sure you are coming from a non residential IP block including v6 btw.
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