I'm actually a bit surprised that action against the store clerks and restaurant staff enforcing this nonsense isn't more common. While killing people isn't likely to be good politics, lesser actions like pepper spray that make staff afraid to ask (esp re: checking green passes) will likely be effective at making the mandates toothless.

They don't have enough police to protect everyone.

@pete yikes. How about just not shopping at stores that enforce the rules instead of assaulting people.

@harding @pete > not shopping at stores that enforce the rules
> living in germany and want to eat

times are tough


@skells @pete take a nice aftermoon drive in the country to buy from a farmer directly or to go across a border. Buy lots of nonperishables so you din't need to do it often.

@harding @pete sure, always workarounds

Germany =/= US though and not everyone has the time to piss around

killing someone is a real roundabout way to get hot meals though

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