I've been running my own SMTP server for 19 years but despite having everything seemingly setup perfectly, Google saying my domain has a high reputation, etc etc, much of my email to gmail users has been going to spam for the past two weeks.

I'm pissed, but I'm also not sure there's anything else I can do to fix this. I'm not sure how I can continue to work without email, and so I guess I'm going to have to start using someone else's centralized SMTP server. 😠

I almost never psuedo-RT stuff from Twitter, but I very strongly agree with the anti-forced-tender position in this thread. twitter.com/jerrybrito/status/

C.f. "Art. 7. Every economic agent must accept bitcoin as payment when offered to him by whoever acquires a good or service." freopp.org/el-salvadors-bitcoi

Aaron van Wirdum has a nice tweet thread with the articles he's written about taproot, all of which are very approachable. twitter.com/AaronvanW/status/1

If you want more after reading that, @bitcoinoptech tracked almost every stage of taproot's development, writing about it over fifty times as listed here: bitcoinops.org/en/topics/tapro (and we're not done yet: now we get to write about what people actually build with taproot!)

I searched for "beard trimmer"

Amazon recommended I search for "beard trimmer **for men**".

Were the extra words really necessary? 😜

Looked at Twitter seriously for the first time in over a month and was quickly reminded how all that site seems to do any more is make me mad. So I decided on a late New Year's resolution.

@jimmysong Also, this bit is not quite right. Green used presigned transactions with nLockTime, not CLTV. In fact, they started using nLockTime before BIP65 CLTV was even added to the network.

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@jimmysong I'm confused by this in your latest newsletter. I'm not a trader and haven't followed the Gamestop thing closely, but isn't it possible to innocently lend more than 100%? E.g., Alice owns $FOO, lends $FOO to Bob, who sells it to Carol, who lends it to Dan, who sells it to Edith, etc.

Interesting comment from Gregory Maxwell about an additional risk for companies holding large amounts of on their balance sheets. bitcointalk.org/index.php?topi

Blackmail scam 

I'm half tempted to reply to this email attempting to scam me by describing the virtues of bech32 addresses.

Extended my .org domain name to the maximum before the new TLD owners jack up prices. Now hoping someone will fix DNS before I next have to renew.

Ah, the simple joy of short-term renting 32 processors on a VPS so I can get results in hours instead of days. Of course, now I have to force myself to leave the house and go for a bike ride or I'll end up staring at my terminal uselessly waiting for the program to succeed or crash.

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