If a pizza has radius 'z' and a thickness of 'a', then its volume can be
defined as Pi(z*z)a
-aFPOON, Jan 2015

@gangrenouspenis @alex Yeah, just finished reading it (listening to the narration) a few days ago after hearing @stevenroose saying he liked it. I liked it myself.

@jb55 But breakless lines also render terribly in same places, e.g. gists.gist.github.com/harding/7ab48e

I think maybe you've replaced one problem with another problem. 🙂

FWIW, I use github.com/markdownlint/markdo on some projects I contribute to in order to maintain some best practices.

@alex @gangrenouspenis In "Debt: the first 5,000 years", the author claimed it was the announcement of debt forgiveness, a common practice in the ancient world when rulers needed to cement their power or calm a restive population.

@0xb10c Oh, goodness, I should've mentioned upfront that the pages look awesome and that it's an incredible tool, thank you for building it!

@0xb10c One thing I couldn't find on the pages was the software version you used to generate the templates, since that can also be a source of differences. (E.g., imagine taproot activates; Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 won't mine taproot transactions; 0.21.1 will. Although not related to your primary goal of detecting censorship, comparing different version's templates against blocks may tell you what software miners are running.)

In response to block #682170, mined by MARA Pool, I'm announcing a project I've been working on. I hope this brings transparency into mining pool transaction selection.


This compares block templates generated by my node to the blocks mined by pools.

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #147 is here:

- encourages miners to start signaling for taproot
- describes continued discussion about closing lost LN channels using only a wallet seed
- announces Bitcoin Core 0.21.1
- announces BTCPay 1.1.0


@jb55 The value overflow incident policy (everyone gets as many BTC as they want). 😜

might be interesting: a new process isolation method was just merged into the #linux kernel, landlock, that does not itself need special permissions to use, and has object instead of syscall granularity

docs here: landlock.io/linux-doc/landlock

patch set: lore.kernel.org/lkml/11a1adfd-

RT @bitentrepreneur
Poolin found a mining machine firmware that lacks the ability to signal, this is the reason why we have not fully signaled through ALL our nodes.
Poolin tech team is assisting the firmware team right now to get that firmware upgraded - thanks.

@verretor I would certainly do so myself (something lightweight like EPS or BWT is perfectly fine if you don't want to run a full index).

Seems like a reasonable tradeoff if you're already reducing your privacy by querying for all your addresses from an Electrum server.

(Obviously, you can fix both problems by using non-default settings / add-ons)

@jb55 Do you have a description somewhere of how it works? I also have a homebrew timeboxing setup. It uses Nextcloud synchonization between my phone, laptop, and server, reminders sent by gotify, and financial penalties for noncompliance via beeminder.com/

It's kinda a monster, having been developed iteratively over the course of years and being composed of a variety of different shell scripts run by cronjobs on two different devices.

the bitcoin-core-dev@linuxfoundation.org (not bitcoin-dev) mailing list is now officially an announcements list

it was already *effectively* an announcements list for a long time—no discussion ever happened on it—but it is set up as moderated now

so if you are interested in a low-traffic list for notifications of releases, release candidates and security warnings, subscribe to:


Losing 200 pounds is a lot better in the US than in England.
-Widesense, Jan 2016
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