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Google is now publishing entire countries' citizen movement data, thereby actively helping governments with their dystopian attacks on our most basic freedoms.


Anonymizing your location data doesn't magically turn this into not abusing your location data for something that you didn't agree to. Not sure why you would continuously send your location to Google in the first place, but you should be aware of the fact that they will definitely use it for whatever they want.

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If anyone is interested in trying it out, there is a static binary build of JoinmarketQt available now at joinmarket.me/static/joinmarke with a corresponding *.asc gpg signature (on my key) at the same location.

Tested on a few debian and ubuntu flavours, if you feel like it and you have a BitcoinCore instance network-accessible, then test feedback would be nice. It should be fully functional wrt existing JoinmarketQt.

I guess I will add this to the releases from now on.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

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"If you’re concerned about privacy and want one of the most well-protected browsers available — and don’t mind that it may prevent you from using certain websites — then you should try the Tor Browser." theverge.com/2020/2/21/2113840

@raucao Here's a copy: zerohedge.com/health/covid-19- (I haven't read the story and don't have an opinion on it, I just saw the controversy about it being deleted earlier and dug up the link to the alternative version)

@waxwing If it's not easy to do direct access, you could probably install something like zerotier on both the host and the guest to put them both on the same virtual network.

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Every time I get bored with logging into and checking my Mastodon account Twitter goes and does something stupid to remind me why this exists.

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I've been having an especially hard time focusing on work for the past week, for the obvious reason. I'm just putting this out there in case anyone else is having the same problem focusing and wondering if it's just them. It's not.

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Joinmarket v0.6.2 released:


.. a bit overdue, so it has quite a few functional changes, see release notes and feel free to share. Python2 is deprecated from this version.

#joinmarket #bitcoin #coinjoin

@stevenroose @sjors That article doesn't add any primary sources AFAICT for the claim that Trump wanted exclusivity. It does add primary sources for the claim that Trump wanted to buy the private company, but I don't think that's the claim that's really upsetting you.

I think we have enough problems right now without letting dramatic but weak reporting further divide our nations.

@sjors @stevenroose I'm opposed to patents in general, so that sounds good to me. :-) I'm not so sure about the prize thing, as "best vaccine" seems hard to quantify. I'm also worried that a race for $100B would strongly incentivize unethical behavior, like skipping necessary testing or hiding negative information.

@stevenroose Huh, hadn't heard that. The original story seems to be welt.de/wirtschaft/article2065 . Per the Google Translated version, the source of the quote "[get the vaccine] only for the USA" is Daniel Menichella, who was recently let go by the company as CEO.[1] I think there's a risk that this quote could be an ex-employee trying to get back at their former employer and not necessarily what Trump actually said or implied.

[1] centralcharts.com/en/news/2545

@stevenroose What did he do? I don't see anything in my news feed.

@waxwing Hoard toilet paper instead? It'll probably be worth the same as cash per square inch by the time governments finish inflating their currencies to deal with this crisis.

@stevenroose I didn't run the numbers (thanks for that), but I had the same feeling.

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I applaud everyone who has been cancelling events to slow the spread of COVID-19. I know cancelling an event you've been working on for months is incredibly hard to do and may cost you large amounts of money, but your sacrifice is likely contributing to saving thousands of lives. Thank you!

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