So BIP78 has been merged (no, don't ask me what that means!) and even has a test vector:

It's interesting how much debate there was about tiny subtleties of fee choice and restriction, and what each side checks - even the most trivial 2 party protocol can be hugely complex with interactivity.

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@raucao Says ISTP-T ("Turbulent Virtuoso") for me. The extended description is pretty accurate, although I do wonder how much of that is basically just feeding me back my answers to their questions---if I say I'm uncomfortable in large groups, it doesn't surprise me that they think I'm uncomfortable around large groups.

@waxwing @jcorgan Pay for things with bitcoin? How quaint. I think you meant to say: create an ERC20 token that can later be redeemed for a different token on its own network which will algotithmically adjust using a side contract to the current USD value of a 1 hour flight and which can be provably destroyed in order to redeem that one hour flight.

@jcorgan Looks pretty! How much does one of those cost? (I don't know anything about private aircraft.)

@FreePietje @stevenroose The synopsis of the book version on Wikipedia doesn't seem incompatible with the idea of inflation as a tax that most adversely affects the poor (since they're likely to both hold a higher percentage of their wealth as cash and are last to receive the new money).

Optech 102 ( talks a bit about WabiSabi.
I did spend some time analysing this crypto construction (at the prompting of @nothingmuch and others) but I mostly ended up getting lost in years-old crypto papers (and even finding an error in a 2013 paper security proof) and never really fully analysed the actual idea before getting sidetracked with a million other things ...
Anyway it's a very cool if rather sophisticated idea! Give it a read.

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@SimpleAristocrats @stephanlivera @martybent @nic there's, but that hasn't always been kid friendly. I think there's an LN chess game somewhere, you could maybe ask for a checkers version.

@verretor Bitcoin fixes someone very mistakenly calling Milton Friedman an ancap? 🤣

@jon @Sosthene Regarding programmable keyboards, mine allows that but I've never used any of those features except for experimentation. GNU/Linux is already customizable enough for me.

@berkes Oh, sure. The same problem exists with renting an apartment (maybe even worse because applying for rent often allows the landlord to invade your privacy too). On the other hand, someone who owns multiple apartments (or bikes) can specialize in maintaining them and gain economies of scale unobtainable to someone who owns their own place or bike. The owner can then share that benefit with their customers (in the form of lower total costs), which is sometimes worth a bit less freedom.

@berkes Ah. I guess the only point I see in that is a €50 or €100 new bike is probably going to break a lot,[1] so people might be really tired of performing or paying for repairs. Of course, the best solution is to just buy a €300 bike.

[1] Though maybe less in the Netherlands than an equivalent-priced bike here in the US because our bikes almost always have derailleurs but I imagine many Dutch bikes are low-maintenance single speeds or hub geared because (IIUC) it's relatively flat there.

@berkes 2/2 Finally, I *really* like how the public bikes seem to increase the number of people bicycling in my town. I think the more people there are bicycling, the more the car and truck drivers pay attention for cyclists and the more bike-friendly infrastructure the government builds, so it increases my safety and happiness as someone who doesn't own a car.

@berkes I both own a bike and have a $20 monthly subscription to the local bikeshare (which is run under contract to my local government). I find lots of advantages to having both. My bike is best for long trips or for carrying lots of stuff (I have a cargo rack). Their bikes are best when I need to also use the bus or when I want to walk/bus on the way to a place but I want to bicycle home (or vice versa). 1/2

@Sosthene @jon I prefer a split keyboard because it allows me to type for longer without suffering a Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). How much attention you pay to that feature will depend on how much you suffer from RSI. In my case, I'm unlikely to ever again buy a non-split external keyboard for serious use.

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