Whenever I type 'etc...' It usually means I'm completely out of examples.
-darrenphillipjones, Apr 2016
The U.S. should have 53 states because it's a prime number and can't be
divided. Then we would truly be one nation, indivisible.
-oisdaman, Nov 2014

New version of Joinmarket, 0.9.2 :


Corrects an error in Qt where fidelity bonds were not preferred for takers like in CLI, and new IRC, and new opt-in rbf for ordinary spends. Please share as you see fit.

#joinmarket #coinjoin #bitcoin

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #168 is here:

- summarizes a proposal to implement breaking changes in the DLC specification
- examines options for allowing recovery of closed LN channels using just a BIP32 seed
- describes an idea to generate stateless LN invoices
- includes popular questions and answers from the Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: signmessage protocol still needed


Really interesting idea re: 'degrading multisignatures' laid out in @bitcoinoptech #166 (sent two weeks ago - I'm playing catchup)

Father's day is a day dedicated to mother fuckers.
-Quiddity99, Sep 2014

@skells @pete take a nice aftermoon drive in the country to buy from a farmer directly or to go across a border. Buy lots of nonperishables so you din't need to do it often.

@pete yikes. How about just not shopping at stores that enforce the rules instead of assaulting people.

@radium Sent him an email to see if we can figure out what's going on. Thanks for letting me know about the issue!

@radium I don't know what he's seeing; it all looks good to me, and I'm not on Twitter to be able to reply to him.

@beachbardave more importantly, what do Americans in space call their space pubs?

@jb55 Mine (Samsung) congratulates me on being awake for 8 hours. Every time it makes me wonder about the state of health of the average customer that someone thinks that's an accomplishment.

@beachbardave I don't know who Jeff Booth is, but I'm pretty sure my voice is more boring than Adam's.

@rorschachbtc @threed because in git's original email based workflow, you emailed them to ask them to pull from your personal repo.

@threed wait, Foucalt's Pendulum guy? That sounds like the thesis could be... interesting. 👀

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