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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #182 is here:

- describes an idea to add accounts to Bitcoin for paying transaction fees
- recaps the "Erlay support signaling" Bitcoin Core PR Review Club Meeting


@arbedout Yeah, but that article says they don't have to disclose their trades until 45 days after making them, so it would be a very trailing ETF, basically perfect for congressional pumping a dumping.

(I know you were joking, it was just fun to think about the practicalities.)

@midnightmagic @livestradamus @jb55 I agree that's what hash commitments are, which is exactly the problem with them. If you don't build non-repudibility into the protocol, third-parties will create their own non-repuditiation systems on top of the protocol, and those third-party systems will be corruptible.

I'd rather have a system where people are verifying my signature on my posts than a system where people are asking trusted third-parties to attest to the contents of my posts.

@midnightmagic @livestradamus @jb55 in short, cryptographic non-reputibiliity > implict trust in archive.org.

@midnightmagic @livestradamus @jb55 doesn't really matter anyway. As long as your posts are public, a bunch of people will post hash commitments to your posts to opentimestamps, creating a believable set of attestations. In that case, it's better for publishers to cut out the middlemen and bake non-reputibility into the protocol so there's no risk the timestampers will collude to damage to publisher's reputation.

@midnightmagic @livestradamus @jb55 yeah, but Signal is a chat app used for private communication, nostr is for public microblogging. Non-reputibility would be a liability for nostr.

"It is easier to port a shell than a shell script."

-- Larry Wall

Me trying to explain what I do to a normal human:

"I work in an industry where, if you can type a semicolon, someone will probably throw a six-figure salary at you"

Them: "Cool, cool…"

"Oh also, some of the most difficult and time-consuming work I do is on nights and weekends, for free, for strangers I have no working relationship with."

Them: "Uhhhh…"

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Today, James Webb telescope switched on camera to acquire 1st image from deep space.

Not sure if people stopped saying YOLO or if everyone who said it died.
-austinjmulka, Oct 2015
Whenever I type 'etc...' It usually means I'm completely out of examples.
-darrenphillipjones, Apr 2016
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