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This data is actually going into improving our self-driving car project, so hurry up--it's almost at the minefield.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #159 is here:

- includes our regular sections with the best questions and answers of the past month from the Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: learn taproot by using it (Optech Workshop)
- announces Rust Bitcoin 0.27.0, C-Lightning 0.10.1rc1


We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to brink.dev.

Thank you f2pool.com and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!


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We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to @bitcoinbrink.

Thank you @f2pool_official and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!🐟


@pete @verretor right, but it's data from a place where you're probably about to use your credit card anyway.

@verretor @pete sure, my sister works as a 911 dispatcher and she gets all sort of wonky data. Most of the time she gets data that's correct within a block, and sometimes within a couple houses.

@pete @verretor I'm sorry too then that I can't seem to see it from your perspective.

@pete @verretor Look, I'm not arguing in favor of this tracking; I think it's perfectly fine to oppose it on the grounds of civil liberty. 99.9% of the time you don't need free speech either, but it's worth preserving for when you do. I'm just saying that I don't think it's actually going to give the government much more data than they already have access to.

@pete @verretor I guess my point is that I agree it's worse from a civil liberties perspective but it doesn't seem worse to me from a practical perspective for 99% of the population.

@verretor @pete when you recover, you get four pubkey candidates. The actual key is always one of them.

@pete @verretor I guess, but phone surveillance tells them when you're at places that don't have vaccine checkins, e.g. home or other people's houses. Most of the places they want to do vaccine passports for already have credit card readers and most people are probably using those, leaving a travel trail already.

I completely agree that not being able to opt-out is bad, but I wonder if it's a difference for most normal people.

@pete @verretor I mean, what's the chance the government doesn't already know where everyone is by just using their cell phones?

Sure, there's no law that says you need to carry your phone or keep it in broadcast mode, while checking vaccine passports is a law, but I wonder if it's a real difference.

@verretor Might be worth noting that Bitcoin actually uses the key recovery trick for signed messages. When you verify a signed message, you provide the P2PKH *address* you expect the message to be valid for, but an address is a *hash* of the pubkey and so can't be used to verify the signature.

What Bitcoin does is take the signature, recover the pubkey, verify it matches the address (hash), and then verify the signature in the normal way. (It's a little more complicated than that, but meh.)

@verretor You can recover the pubkey from an ECDSA signature. If you already know one signature for that pubkey passed when you sent the signature to the central authority, you can verify every additional signature for the same pubkey independently.

(But, yeah, nobody is actually going to go through that effort to protect your privacy.)

Update: well, fuck. I Dunning–Kruger'd myself. Turns out the problem I blamed on the ISP really wasn't their fault---it was the fault of my third-party wifi router.

I guess the appropriate clothes to wear the next time I need the tech is a clown costume.

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SLP292 @achow101 Output Script Descriptors for #Bitcoin

Andrew and I chat:
- seeds
- sometimes you need more than just keys
- industry approach vs Core approach
- backups
- output descriptors approach
- lightning
- taproot
- miniscript


Note to self: next time I have a technician come to the house to install/fix an internet service, wear a computer geek t-shirt that day. Today's tech spent a bunch of time trying to explain to me how a wifi router works by using words five letters and less. 😂

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