Show more citizen of Hawaii here, I don't really care but to nitpick it's only the county of Honolulu that (soon will be) requiring vax cards for dining. The other counties (islands) have not announced any plans to also require them AFAIK.

@livestradamus I've camped nomadically for over a week ("bikepacking"), and someday I'd like to bikepack across the U.S. (takes most people 60 to 90 days). What's wrong with that?

@livestradamus I mean, prehistoric nomads and whatnot didn't have synthetic fabric tents and inflatable mattresses, but people still camp.

@jb55 they're a social construct, just like money, which also isn't real, so you should give me yours (money not colors).

If I combined all of Raoul Pal's "once in a lifetime opportunities" I would have 38 Raoul Pals.

My dog understand several human words. I don't understand any dog barks. He
may be smarter than me.

@jb55 I don't think I use my Trezor the same way as you, but if you're about to send a bunch of money to the wrong place, it's probably better to unplug the Trezor from your computer than count on pressing the correct button (and on that button working the way you expect).

@verretor too bad it's sooner for some and later for others. The lack of simultaneity hinders coordination.

@jb55 I don't remember my dreams, never have, and this is the first time in my life that I feel like I might be missing out on something enjoyable.

I've summarized my work on Userspace, Statically Defined Tracing support for Bitcoin Core in my Coinbase grant half-time report.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #164 is here:

- describes a new web-based tool for decoding and modifying PSBTs
- links to a blog post and proof-of-concept implementation of an eltoo-based LN payment channel
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: LN with taproot

@jb55 I wonder this often when reading papers in every field. Unless your data takes up terabytes, it should be on the web somewhere. This is 2021, hosting is easy. Use a torrent if you're poor.

@bitcoinmagazine Nope, that was Gavin. I don't know where you got that screenshot from, but the current version of the post is at

So I'd never stopped to consider that if a chain splits, any NFTs on that chain will exist in duplicate on the resulting forks.

So which one becomes the 'true/original NFT'? The one on the chain that wins the name (eg ETH vs ETC)? The one that ends up with more economic value? Does the minter get to decide?

I suppose that both copies would exist and hold some amount of value (whatever value an NFT holds, at least). No clear social consensus here, maybe just a case-by-case basis.

> #SourceHut is #hiring #FOSS software engineers
> at #SourceHut, you work on free and #OpenSource software, on the projects you want, on the schedule you want, and with the independence of judgement that respects you as an experienced, knowsome #engineer. […] However, you receive a meager base #salary, [...] This is an arrangement which cannot suit everyone, but if it suits you, we’ll be pleased to have you along.

#2506 Projecting 

This is something we all need to work on, but especially you all.

Reality Simulacra. Bitcoin Security, Spanish dev docs, Grant transparency, Inbound liquidity, on-chain LN txs, Boostagrams, LN social network, LN remittances, SV idiocy, lobbying better, BTC energy balancer, progressive BTC+more!

#Bitcoin Tech Talk #254

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