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Design for a CoinSwap Implementation for Massively Improving Bitcoin Privacy and Fungibility

Alice sends tx A->B but the coins actually end up in Z. Then when normie Carol sends a tx an analyst must deal with possibility that Carol's coins disappeared too

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In light of the BlockFi personal information hack, remember how its this same company who ban users from protecting their own privacy with CoinJoin.
There's nothing in regulations saying CoinJoin must be banned, these guys have just drunk the Chainalysis koolaid.

Lockdowns prevent many people from earning a living, but the politicians, bureaucrats, and police officers who create or enforce such restrictions are all earning their regular paychecks. Seems like an incentive misalignment.

waxwing@here~$ bitcoin-cli getblock $( bitcoin-cli getblockhash 629999 ) 2 | jq -r '.tx[0].vin[0].coinbase' | xxd -r -p

�� R🐟NYTimes 09/Apr/2020 With $2.3T Injection, Fed's Plan Far Exceeds 2008 Rescue ...

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BREAKING: ICANN has voted to REJECT the sale of the .ORG registry to private equity firm Ethos Capital. This is a major victory for the millions of nonprofits, civil society organizations, and individuals who make .ORG their home online. #SaveDotOrg

Special thanks to all the wizardry by in porting over the payjoin sender logic to Wasabi! :)
@wasabiwallet @lontivero @torproject T@lontivero@twitter.comMrKukks & @NicolasDorier for laying the groundwork in NBitcoin for @BTCPayServer - and thanks to @Blockstream for sponsoring their work!

The beauty of collaborating with free and open source upstream dependencies!

We're excited to share that has implemented Pay-To-EndPoint! #P2EP transactions (a type of #CoinJoin) improve #privacy and #fungibility, require no protocol-level changes, and are identical to everyday #Bitcoin transactions. 🔒🔍

Nadav Kohen's payment points blog post series at suredbits is well worth a read. They're mercifully short compared to mine (lol) and the first one in particular I think does an excellent job of conveying, in a condensed form, the rather confusing but exceptionally powerful idea of multi-hop locks with discrete log.

#bitcoin #lightning #crypto

A couple of nice notable things in the latest bitcoin optech:

Starts with coverage of the payment points/ECDSA adaptors work at the hacksprint etc.

Also has an interesting questions+answers quiz-like presentation of recent PR review club (h/t @jon ).

Thanks to @harding et al


Google is now publishing entire countries' citizen movement data, thereby actively helping governments with their dystopian attacks on our most basic freedoms.

Anonymizing your location data doesn't magically turn this into not abusing your location data for something that you didn't agree to. Not sure why you would continuously send your location to Google in the first place, but you should be aware of the fact that they will definitely use it for whatever they want.

If anyone is interested in trying it out, there is a static binary build of JoinmarketQt available now at with a corresponding *.asc gpg signature (on my key) at the same location.

Tested on a few debian and ubuntu flavours, if you feel like it and you have a BitcoinCore instance network-accessible, then test feedback would be nice. It should be fully functional wrt existing JoinmarketQt.

I guess I will add this to the releases from now on.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

"If you’re concerned about privacy and want one of the most well-protected browsers available — and don’t mind that it may prevent you from using certain websites — then you should try the Tor Browser."

Every time I get bored with logging into and checking my Mastodon account Twitter goes and does something stupid to remind me why this exists.

I've been having an especially hard time focusing on work for the past week, for the obvious reason. I'm just putting this out there in case anyone else is having the same problem focusing and wondering if it's just them. It's not.

Joinmarket v0.6.2 released:

.. a bit overdue, so it has quite a few functional changes, see release notes and feel free to share. Python2 is deprecated from this version.

#joinmarket #bitcoin #coinjoin

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