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has anyone here ever used the bitcoind wallet option -zapwallettxes?
there is discussion of (re)moving it

Bitcoin Core v0.20.1 released

- This minor release includes various bug fixes and performance
improvements, as well as updated translations.


RT @matt_odell
Spent the morning building this out with @DennisReimann.


If you are working on a bitcoin project and currently accepting donations: submit a PR and get yourself added.

If you are a bitcoiner: please consider supporting our builders!

In my third Mempool Observation, I describe and use a methodology to identify Blockchain wallet transactions, derive wallet-usage insights, and discuss potential wallet privacy improvements.

Europeans' out of offices are like "I will not be working until 18 September. All emails will be automatically deleted."

Americans: "I am in the hospital. Email responses may be delayed by up to 30 mins. Sorry for the inconvenience! If urgent, please reach me in the ER at..."

— @.LeannaO /37

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As of this merge, Joinmarket is using python-bitcointx as its bitcoin code backend, supports PSBT and BIP78 Payjoin (well, I tested it with real coins against btcpayserver so .. I think so!) and even has some (currently not activated) SNICKER code.

Heads up that this is a "breaking" change in that if you pull from master you will need to rerun the installation script.

#bitcoin #joinmarket

So BIP78 has been merged (no, don't ask me what that means!) and even has a test vector:

It's interesting how much debate there was about tiny subtleties of fee choice and restriction, and what each side checks - even the most trivial 2 party protocol can be hugely complex with interactivity.

#bitcoin #payjoin

Optech 102 ( talks a bit about WabiSabi.
I did spend some time analysing this crypto construction (at the prompting of @nothingmuch and others) but I mostly ended up getting lost in years-old crypto papers (and even finding an error in a 2013 paper security proof) and never really fully analysed the actual idea before getting sidetracked with a million other things ...
Anyway it's a very cool if rather sophisticated idea! Give it a read.

#crypto #bitcoin #coinjoin

A 0.6.3 release for Joinmarket is imminent, which will be the *last release supporting Python 3.5*.

(next will be py3.6 and above, only, and will be a big change including psbt and other stuff)

Please run the current commit, if you have a chance, to sanity check if there are any final bugs to fix:

#joinmarket #bitcoin

@fiatjaf Following up on this after two weeks of use: Fraidycat is great! This is the way I want to follow everyone and everything going forward. One feature I've come to especially appreciate is being able to partition certain people into the Occasional or Sometimes categories---e.g. people who I generally like and want to keep track of but whose political opinions or other content annoys me if I have to see it too often.

Thanks again for the recommendation!

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