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Drone and control room video captures the destruction of Arecibo Observatory

Why a subscription costs less time and money than hourly rates?

That is what we’d call a win-win, and a business model we can be proud of. It happens to be the same business model as Red Hat famously follows, one that we know scales well.

Bitcoin Optech Newsletter #126

This week’s newsletter describes a proposal for using fidelity bonds on LN to prevent denial of service attacks, summarizes a PR to address a fee siphoning attack that could affect LN channels using anchor outputs, and links to a proposed specification for miniscript. Also included are our regular sections with releases, release candidates, and recent code changes in popular Bitcoin infrastructure software.

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Having trouble keeping up with news and developments related to #Bitcoin privacy? I write a monthly newsletter to do just that. 🔐📡🔎😎

And here is the November issue. Enjoy!

In software development, you often have a choice between taking complexity onto yourself (more work for you, less for others), or shrugging and rolling it downhill (less work for you, lots of work multiplied for everyone else). Too often I think the incentives are aligned more with the latter than the former, e.g. in unpaid OSS.

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Bitcoin Core 0.21.0rc2 has been tagged! If you would like to contribute gitian signatures for the first time to test reproducible builds for the release, this guide walks you through it and was just updated for rc2--thanks @gugol for contributing #Bitcoin

New #bitcoin optech:

Covers the new taprootactivation website as well as a new funding organization "Brink", looks kinda interesting.

Is there any other example of a thing which has properties similar to BTC testnet coins? Namely: they’re useful because they’re worthless, if they were worth something, they’d be useless? #bitcoin

Yesterday's bitcoin optech featured an unusual story about something that was always likely to happen - someone losing money due (probably) to unwise decisions in setting up a node with a hot wallet on AWS:


I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #124 is here:

- contains a warning about backdoored VM images
- summarizes notable improvements to clients and services
- announcement of C-Lightning 0.9.2rc1
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

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This needs retweeting because it hasn't been seen enough. The recent tweet-thread talking about how just ~10% of hashpower can censor txes IS TOTALLY WRONG because it has flawed assumptions.

"These machines are the first general purpose computers ever where you have to make an exclusive choice: you can have a fast and efficient machine, or you can have a private one... Short of using an external network filtering device like a travel/vpn router that you can totally control, there will be no way to boot any OS on the new Apple Silicon macs that won’t phone home, and you can’t modify the OS to prevent this."

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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #123 is here:

- shares the announcement of a marketplace for incoming LN channels
- summarizes the 'Add MuHash3072 implementation' Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting
- notable changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

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