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"Dog food could say it's any flavor it wants, you're not going to test it."
-M153RY on /r/ShowerThoughts, June 2016

I'm pretty sure this is also how it works for altcoins that claim to have various advanced features.

RT @rsmarples
Sadly my treatment has failed and my life expentancy is much shorter :(

dhcpcd will soon need a new maintainer

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #139 is here:

- summarizes continued discussion about proposed methods for activating taproot
- links to an effort to document existing software building on top of taproot
- summarizes the "Erlay: bandwidth-efficient transaction relay protocol" Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting

Just released 0.8.2 of Joinmarket. This is to be considered an urgent privacy bugfix for takers; see the release notes for details:

I'll write more about this bug and what happened, shortly.

#joinmarket #bitcoin

If you have an opinion on ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK/NACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal

#bitcoin #taproot

It's time to abandon ISO.

Mikko on :birdsite: asks:
"could somebody link me to the official ISO-8601 date format reference? (not to Wikipedia or PDFs behind a paywall)"

ISO's response is baffling:
It's not freely available/downloadable because they consider it their intellectual property (or sth like that). And it costs money to make and maintain them.

🙄 😖 😳

Not having standards, that's much more expensive, so that itself already saves money.

h/t @juliank

@rusty Can you elaborate on your concern with Speedy Trial wrt to your comment at ?

I'm not sure I understand.

h/t @AaronvanW


If you have an opinion on ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK/NACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal

If you support ST (Speedy Trial) proposal please ACK this so we can log the level of support for this proposal

New Taproot activation proposal on the mailing list "Speedy trial". This looks like it could progress in Core. If your top priority is getting Taproot activated, I'd encourage supporting this. If your top priority is LOT=true over getting Taproot activated I can see why you might oppose this. Personally my top priority is Taproot activation.

This new idea gained a lot of support on IRC yesterday:

Basically: very short timeout for signalling, so we quit early if it doesn't work and can go on to try something else, but still a big delay between lock in and actual activation of rules on network.

h/t @harding

#bitcoin #taproot

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #138 is here:

- describes discussion about a desired replacement for some of the features of the BIP70 payment protocol
- summarizes proposals for a standardized way to exchange fraud proofs for Discreet Log Contracts (DLCs)
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure software

Jersey must be a real shithole, if New Jersey was supposed to be an
-edfitz83, Dec 2015

At Wednesday's Bitcoin Core review club, we'll continue our review of the Python implementation of Minisketch.

Put on your mathematics cap; computational algebra with the Berlekamp Trace Algorithm is on the menu.

Thanks to Pieter Wuille for hosting!


Here's a proof that I own a taproot output on signet height 14344 without revealing which one it is. This makes use of bare pubkeys in taproot and libsecp256k1-zkp ring signatures. Pushed the PoC code here

The last two digits of your parent's birth year is the age you will be when
they are as old as your birth year's last two digits.
-BellcampM, Dec 2014

At least once a week, somebody on the street tries to sell me cannabis. I'm sure it's because of my long hair (and maybe my beard and frequent sandal wearing). What's interesting to me is how many unique people have made me this offer. I'm wondering if there's an algorithm I can use to estimate the population of local people with a pot-selling side hustle based on the frequency of my encounters, the number of hours I spend in public, and the local population density.

$1000 worth of Coke is worse for you than $1000 worth of coke.
-stactup, Sep 2014

Nice discussion here on privacy challenges in Bitcoin by @pwuille

Pieter's answer is well worth a read, and thanks to @bitcoinoptech for surfacing this in their newsletter.

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