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Bitcoin Optech newsletter #156 is here:

- describes a set of BIPs for output script descriptors
- summarizes a proposal to create a set of standards documents for LN protocol extensions and application interoperability
- discusses standardizing support for pre-trusted zero-conf channel opens
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: Taproot descriptors

Haven't seen this being shared anywhere, but this is a great site for looking up various metrics (liquidity, volume, median fees etc) of Whirlpool, Wasabi and Joinmarket, as well as other on-chain stats:

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #155 is here:

- summarizes two proposed BIPs related to wallet support for taproot
- describes selected questions and answers on the Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: Advantages to using P2TR outputs for single-sigs
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin
infrastructure projects

"How programmers comment their code..."

submitted by karaCHNNM

Nearly 10 years on, and avoiding people you don't like (and still liking the people you do) is still the pressing problem of social software:

RT @Mario_Gibney
Interesting blog post from Russell O’Connor about soft fork activation methods and consensus surrounding Speedy Trial.

Highly recommended read.

I almost never psuedo-RT stuff from Twitter, but I very strongly agree with the anti-forced-tender position in this thread.

C.f. "Art. 7. Every economic agent must accept bitcoin as payment when offered to him by whoever acquires a good or service."

What if Disney Animation made Frozen just so a Google search of "Walt Disney
Frozen" wouldn't be the top result about the man himself
-Marty_Mac_Fly, Jan 2015

now there's a website:

The next solstice is Monday, June 21st, 2021. Maybe you should take a moment between now and then to list out what you're responsible for, so on Monday, you can announce that you're setting something down.

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For the first time in my life, I feel like I've done something productive using Zoom[*] and I don't feel like a narcissist after using a selfie stick.

I wanted to inspect part of my roof near a window where I keep hearing birds but my expanding ladder takes a long time to setup and break down, plus I'm a dork, so I put my phone on a selfie stick at maximum extension and video called my tablet.

[*] No, I didn't really use Zoom for this; I used Jitsi. 'Cause what's roof inspection without E2EE?

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #153 is here:

- celebrates the lock-in of the taproot soft fork
- describes a draft BIP for improving transaction privacy by varying the fields used to implement anti fee sniping
- features an article about the challenges of combining transaction replacement with payment batching
- announces Rust Bitcoin 0.26.2, Rust-Lightning 0.0.98, LND 0.13.0-beta.rc5

The only reason you're mad at your past self for procrastinating, is because
you want to procrastinate now.
-ViktorKruchev, Apr 2016

Aaron van Wirdum has a nice tweet thread with the articles he's written about taproot, all of which are very approachable.

If you want more after reading that, @bitcoinoptech tracked almost every stage of taproot's development, writing about it over fifty times as listed here: (and we're not done yet: now we get to write about what people actually build with taproot!)

"Google throwing some serious shade"

submitted by DFXDreaming

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