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There seems to be some chatter out there about "Bitcoin is violence" (currently listening to citadel dispatch).

There's an old pattern here - see how public key crypto was treated as munitions in the 90s. The problem I have is that no one ever points out the obvious - use of cryptography is 0% violence and 100% defence - it's like armor, not in any way like a weapon.



My projections show that by 2050 the number of podcasts will be greater than the number of humans.

My imaginary kids a few years from now: daddy, what's the name of that continent nobody ever travels to?

Me: Antarctica

Kids: no, the other one

Me: oh, Australia

"People... come out of the experience with something like religion, because Free Software is all about the practices, not about the ideologies and goals that swirl on its surface."

-- From the preface to Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software

benefit number 141 of cooking at home: if there's a hair in your soup it's just "ah I'm bad" instead of "AGH GROSS"

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 50: Max Boost Time
Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on with free software entrepreneur Max Hillebrand. We go deep on how all this bitcoin lightning stuff works. An outstanding board meeting!

"Back to the Future with RSS!" by Nicky Case

RSS is still the best way to consume internet media IMO. Let's hear it for RSS.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #161 is here:

- follows up on a previous description about fidelity bonds in JoinMarket
- summarizes the 'Prefer to use txindex if available for GetTransaction' Bitcoin Core PR Review Club meeting
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: multisignature nonces
- announces C-Lightning 0.10.1, Bitcoin Core 22.0rc2

Important adjudications going on here:


Cat Lady : The weight of my Burmese cat in grams on 7 May 2021 : 2021-05-07 00:00:00 : 3600

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #160 is here:

- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: multisignatures
- announces C-Lightning 0.10.1rc2
- notes changes to popular Bitcoin infrastructure projects

I bought a house about six months ago. Kinda feeling like a mope now though because it looks like they want to make it impossible to evict anyone ever again, so I could've rented a mansion until it fell apart for a lifetime cost of just the first months rent plus a security deposit.

(Seriously, I predict renting is about to get a lot more expensive and harder to access for people without steady jobs. Basically lots more people are headed to the projects---or the streets. 🙁)

#2496 Mine Captcha 

This data is actually going into improving our self-driving car project, so hurry up--it's almost at the minefield.

Bitcoin Optech newsletter #159 is here:

- includes our regular sections with the best questions and answers of the past month from the Bitcoin Stack Exchange
- continues the 'how to prepare for taproot' series: learn taproot by using it (Optech Workshop)
- announces Rust Bitcoin 0.27.0, C-Lightning 0.10.1rc1

We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to

Thank you and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!

RT @0xb10c
We donated 4 of the 6 existing mainnet Pay-to-Taproot outputs (currently anyone-can-spend) to @bitcoinbrink.

Thank you @f2pool_official and @satofishi for including the non-standard transaction in a block!🐟

Update: well, fuck. I Dunning–Kruger'd myself. Turns out the problem I blamed on the ISP really wasn't their fault---it was the fault of my third-party wifi router.

I guess the appropriate clothes to wear the next time I need the tech is a clown costume.

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SLP292 @achow101 Output Script Descriptors for #Bitcoin

Andrew and I chat:
- seeds
- sometimes you need more than just keys
- industry approach vs Core approach
- backups
- output descriptors approach
- lightning
- taproot
- miniscript

Note to self: next time I have a technician come to the house to install/fix an internet service, wear a computer geek t-shirt that day. Today's tech spent a bunch of time trying to explain to me how a wifi router works by using words five letters and less. 😂

If you are 40 years old and your midlife crisis hasn't kicked in yet, just remember that Homer Simpson is officially 39 years of age.

You're welcome.

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